Posted by: felinegroovy | May 5, 2006

Wine Club or Reading Circle or Conversation Club

Found Biddy by the side of the road today on the way to work! We had a pleasant drive to the city together in my supercorrolla. We chatted about the reading circle and all it’s intricacies. You know the stuff…. food quality, attendance rates, who’s picking this time (not boogers – books!), how you have to get a cleaner in to tidy and sanitise when it’s your turn, etc etc. Biddy has just been East and attended ANOTHER bookclub, dare I say it a bookclub sl@#!… no I dare not! We also talked about how we just so nicely (and always lubricated by good – or bad- wine) seem to be able to talk about the book, life, local characters we might have run into ….. and still talk about the book as much as it deserves. Because that’s the case isn’t it? Some books just don’t have a whole lot of conversation starters, others do. The Kite Runner for instance, it was hard NOT to talk about so many different things – the story itself, the cutlure, the writing, the what would have happened if …, the imagine if had been you ….

Look forward to reading Biddy’s story of the OTHER bookclub and the cocroach.

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