Posted by: felinegroovy | June 22, 2006

I have the most gorgeous outstanding daughter. Whe…

I have the most gorgeous outstanding daughter. When I was younger, Mum used to talk about people with ‘spunk’ and it’s in her definition that my grl has ‘spunk’, that enery and vivaciousness for living life. She has dedication to the cause of living life. We miss her ’round the house, because as a 12 year old turning 13, her priorities are definately outside of our realm now. I’ve met the gang though and they are GREAT, amazing how such a like minded group of people can come togehter. I’d be envious if I didn’t feel as though I’m getting the same thing in life at the moment. Yep I LOVE my job! And it’s mainly because of the people I work with.

I met this woman at work because … oh this is going to sound weird …let me start at the beginning…

But let’s go for an ‘ad break’ – you need to know what’s going on right now. Big Brother is playing in the background and the 2 big kids are rolling around on our newly inherited fold out YELLOW lounge chair (more about our scored inheritences in another post) They are, again, making a lot of noise, kind of antagonistic love. Argy bargy stuff. Threats of smelly farts are abounding, great weapon against new couch colonisation.

I started at my job about 18 months ago, not knowing a soul. Every time I had to go to the dunny, I walked past this funny open planned area where two fantastic women worked. Lucky I’m good at recognising fantasticness in people! So, every time I walked past, I’d say hi! And that’s how I made my first friends. It wasn’t long before the organisation made the decision that this particular location in our new building had some dodgy feng shui and moved the fantastic women elsewhere. But not soon enough for me to have made my first and fabulous friendship in this organisation.

Off to reading circle tonight. I’ve forgotton why I didn’t like Ludmilla…luckily I’ve got my earlier post to refer to.


  1. So who was doing the argy bargy stuff? Your kids or the “kids” on BB06??

    BTW – Can you believe that Jamie is still in?! How can people stand watching his sulky self preen all day long with his daks around his knees. Purleese! I know Rob has a very silly hairstyle but at least he doesn’t wear an Alice band!

    And you did realise we were keeping a tally of how often people were going to the loo, didn’t you?


  2. my kids were being argy bargy. lost of noise and farting and wrestling…..

    jamie …more to do with the footage from up late on friday’s probably (apparently – I haven’t seen it myself). he’s such a sulky puss. i’d rather watch the boy bitch from hell – rob. though with rob gone maybe we won’t have to see EVERYONE with mullets now??

    AND yes, I suspected the tally was being kept – who topped it?

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