Posted by: felinegroovy | June 26, 2006

G’s List

Here’s a list of G’s books to read:
Gilead, Marilynne Robinson
Portnoy’s Complaint, Phillip Roth
Everyman, Phillip Roth
Merry Go Round in the Sea, same author as Tourmaline …oops should know this, should google it ….
The Elizabeth Costello book
Disgrace, Coetzee



  1. Randolph Stow or more correctly Julian Randolph Stow.

    Who incidentally once lit a fire in his rooms at St George’s College, UWA, in order to have a corroberree.

  2. Sounds like a good roomie! We were watching Alice in Wonderland at home with my kids and a friend of theirs and I mentioned that the author had been smoking opium when he wrote the book. Just like your story, this added a whole new dimension to their experience of Alice!

  3. I started reading ‘Disgrace’ on holiday last year but didn’t really get into it, I got about 33% of the way into it before deciding to read something else.

    The film is coming out soon.

  4. were you holidaying in south africa?

    the film … not sure i’ll be lining up. i can visualise it … but one of the things i like about disgrace was the economy of the language. i also liked being taught about the situation in south africa.

    like a lot of books to movies not sure i want to wreck the story i created in my head in response to the writing.

    harry potter was an excpetion to this rule.

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