Posted by: felinegroovy | July 17, 2006

Power Art

Big highlight of Tioman was spending a day painting a pic for my mum! Gawsh, dear Mum is featuring in this blog. You know, my Grandma, my Mum’s Mum, died when I was little, really little, I was not more than two and I wonder how my Mum did it. I so appreciate her in my life, the advice and the support and the frienship. How sappy! But so true!

Painting a picture for my Mum sent me reeling back in time and made me feel like a kid again. Seeing my kids make art again was special too. When we lived in a rental in Margaret River I gave my kids powder paint mixed with detergent so they could paint the glass sliding doors. Seeing the works of art they created at Power Batik was fantastic. They’ve both got that access and freedom to paint and draw and make what they want. Oh yeah, it’s all down to the powder paint mixed with detergent for the glass doors. Just see how I made that bit about my Mum to be about me… yeah it’s all about ME!

Well no, it’s also about Ricky and Michelle …. and yes, even the German, Andy.

Ricky Power, the Batik man with a love of Australian music has to feature centre stage, such a gentle, charismatic, generous and welcoming man. His open art house, yes truly open, to the skies and the sea and the power of inspiration sits just metres from the sea and the sunsets. Gangajang and Cold Chisel and Chrissy Amphlet keep you company while you create your own piece of Batik art. We flicked through his albums detailing other tourists contributions – saw some beauties – dedications to English Football teams, images from ancient history, hibiscus, love hearts, geckos, fairies – you name it – us tourists have created it.

And what a bonus to have the gorgeous Michelle, the picture of relaxation perched on her verhanda only moving to dowse down in the outdoor shower occasionally. Open heart…..and what a host, if she can throw a tiny party in Tioman like she did I can’t imagine what her home parties are like!

So here we were the next punters ready to create…. what was created was a great friendship… oh and some great art of course!

This here on the left is Andy the German sucking in all those big jugs of beer that he has drunk in his lifetime.

(Thanks Michelle for the pics)


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