Posted by: felinegroovy | August 10, 2006


Gorgeous girl has chicken pox. So… that means when Computerboy got them when he was less than 2 and we were living in that oh so quaint groupie in Rosa Brook (with wysteria climbing one side of the enclosed verhanda with glass louvres north and west facing and a beautifully scented white azalea near the front steps) ah take a breath ….. where was I? Computerboy with chicken pox and me still figuring out how to be a mum lifting up Gorgeous girls ankles with one deft movement to change her cloth nappy (yes! remember them flapping on the breeze and that satisfaction of having them all done, a dozen or so tiny white sails all hooked up corner to corner drying in the sunhine and breeze) and thinking ….yeah, there’s the chicken pox spots. BUT no! turns out was nappy rash after all. Because here she is … 12 years later and covered in spots! Doc says maybe she did have a mild case but was protected by having been breast fed.

Remember that? Holding the baby in your lap or even walking around the kitchen and that little thing, that little beautiful thing you made clamped onto you getting all the nourishment they need? Remember gazing down and seeing soft little cheeks filling and rosy mouths and faces concentrating after a long long sleep trying to fill up.

Remember sneaking in to see if they were still alive because they’d slept so long?

Remember watching the fast crawl? where you wonder how such a small thing could move so fast and have so much joy. simple.

I played with little Nephew a while back. he’s crawling and I got down and crawled along the hallway with him playing hide and seek. they don’t just smile do they? their whole faces light up, they laugh and express such – oh the english language is letting me down, or I don’t have a good enough grasp – because I’m looking for a word that says joy, wonder, happiness, a sense of joining in and being sucked into this moment now that little crawling babies have. you are the world for the moment. this moment is the world now.



  1. Not too many people use cloth nappies anymore 😦

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