Posted by: felinegroovy | October 5, 2006


I remember sitting on the verhanda at a friend’s place at sunset. They have an old weatherboard house that sits almost on the ocean at Cottlesloe. My friend Heidi had recently died in a car crash, my two brothers were in the same car. The sun was setting and great orange clouds were swooshing across the sky. In that moment the world was all right and it was just because those clouds were moving at just the right pace and shining just the right tone of orange. I’ve carried a slip of paper with me for twenty years now, it was a transcription of something she said to me, a quote from Bhagwhan (!) “Sometimes you have to go away and just be”.

Talking to a girlfriend who raised up her kids with me, we were talking about those moments when everything seems to align and you sense a wholeness. We talked about when that happens and you can kinda look and see all the manifestations of yourself. We compared it to looking a the Terracotta army, an assemblage of iconic figures all massed in cave. (imagine how the farmers felt when they found them) Not easy, but not uncommon to be able to view these masks or identities or selves that you have been or are currently in the mode of, much more difficult and rewarding and sometimes shocking when you get a glimpse of a figure that is strange or frightening or even glorious!


  1. That’s the smart thinnikg we could all benefit from.

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