Posted by: felinegroovy | October 30, 2006


I have …Greater trochanteric bursitis…so my physio reckons anyhow. And it’s really disrupted my detoxification program. Poor ‘ole me, I should be up to fasting and enemas by now and there’s not much point becuase I’ve had to adjust the program – while I’ve been good at eliminating all the banned substances (milk products, nicotene, alcohol, wheat products, deadly nightshades) – I’ve had a fair bit of panadol to get rid of the pain from teh trochanteric bursitis so have stopped taking the herbs and am just eating all the right stuff. At least its something.

It makes it almost impossible to sleep, I feel like I’ve got babies again. Pop off to bed early to get a bit of rest in before the hip cries out, get up and have a stretch …oh I’m bored already describing this.

The treatment sucks, nothing as glamourous as the leather gear you get strapped up in when you go in for neck treatment, or when you have to put your body in contortions so he can twist and turn you til you hear the big cracking noises. No, this is seriously painful, he rubs the heel of his hand into the muscle of my thigh and pushes really hard so it really really really hurts! (I did get to lie around and read the Cleo for half and hour beforehand while he warmed up the muscle with the electric sucker cap things on though). Oh, the classic comment of the day when telling me about how the thigh muscle causes the issue by rubbing against the hip bursar because the muscle is tight, “see your muscle is rock hard!”And I though rock hard muscles were good!

So ..there’s my drama.

But here’s the best bit ……

8 Days no cigarettes…yay double triple quadruple yay.


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