Posted by: felinegroovy | October 31, 2006

Nigel’s Visit – Contagious Enthusiasm

So I’m a bit out of order … I’ve posted Nancy’s presentation before news about Nigel’s visit. Alliteration going crazy here!

Nigel Paine used to head up the learning and development department at the BBC and I helped organise for him to come to Perth to do a few presentations. His energy and ability to create a sense of excitement for all the people was unbelievable. I was talking to someone in the office and we just couldn’t figure out what his secret is! Magician!

Funniest thing about it was, when wandering around the office, people would come up to me and say thanks, presentation was great, feeling really inspired (yeah that was the general comment). I’d ask what specifically did you get from it and everyone had a different and very varied answer.

So I guess in trying to unravel the secret, it might be about presenting concepts that are really quite broad, but that are palatable and relevant to real live people – and I think he does that.


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