Posted by: felinegroovy | March 10, 2007


My feet are a little chilled from sitting under the peppy trees just meters from the beautiful Prevelly Beach coast line. My brain is a little buzzy from good wine and great conversation with the fab G & J. I’ve posted my reading circle books I’ve read, now I’ve got a new list! Books to read courtesy of the PP Book Club and the retirees (who have copious amounts of time to leisurely wade through whatever literature they choose to devote their time to!)

Cormack McCarthy
Blood Meridian
All the Pretty Horses
The Crossing
Cities of the Plain
No Place for Old Men
The Orchard Keeper
The Road
(Yeh but which one do I read first!!)

The Perks of Being Wallflower …now that sounds up my alley! I remember waiting to be picked to dance in the school (smelly) hall.

Jo reckons not a chance in hell of me being a wall flower – bless him!!

My LIfe as A Fake
Peter Carey
Erm Malley poems, great Australian Fakster

Classic Western (wish my hair was long enough for piggies, bought a great western checked shirt at a garage sale last week…even got the sexy preststuds…love em)
Larry Mc Murktry or something like that
Also by Larry…..what are you doin??? stop with the red wine Ali
Lonesome Cowboy no noo Lonesome Dove
Streets of Loredo (must read the Dove one first)

Joe’s reccomendation: “Bloody Good Books”

Signing out … too much joy to be had to be sitting in front of a PC



  1. Appieciatron for this information is over 9000-thank you!

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