Posted by: felinegroovy | March 20, 2007


Dear Dad

Today I accepted a job offer. You won’t believe how much has changed since I last saw you. I’ve been working in a really fun and challenging and good job for the last 2 years – but that all came to an end because I was just filling in for someone and they came back to the job so I had to go find another one. Oh, really that’s not all the truth I suppose. It was probably time to move on anyway. I just got offered a new job yesterday – I’ll be a bit sad to leave this job … still things change don’t they?

You know I really liked this job and I think they liked me there too. I took a little bit of Jerramungup to the place, a little bit of your world into where I work. I think people like it – that I am real and you are important. I reckon I’ve got you to thank for that in a lot of ways. The way you always reckoned that doing the right thing is important has stuck with me, it’s ingrained. Sometimes that has bothered me because it can be a hard thing to live up to, but it’s been a good solid ground for me.

I am sitting here and missing you – I would love to call you up – but you know that would be a bit hard under the circumstances! But I would love to call you on the phone and be your little girl and tell you all my exciting news.

(Remember at Jerramungup, at bedtime? The fireplace you built? With your trademark huge hearth, Jacup stone, those giant bellows we’d use to get the spark of the fire going, mallee roots keeping the fire going all night on those cold as desert nights warming up even the abstestos walls. You had your chair and Mum had hers. Where was Mum? Cooking? You, you were in your chair near th fire smelling of your pipe, sometimes tamping it sometimes smoking it. I’d climb up in your enourmous lap and be held by your enourmous hands.)

You won’t believe how much has changed Dad.

Lots of love, Ali xox

PS I STILL haven’t been to see the wildflowers!! Still I guess I could plan to do that this September – lots of time to plan for that – meet you there?

PPS Mark and I saw a ground parrot down at Hamelin Bay.


  1. Hi Gorgeous, this is one of the most beautiful letters I have ever read, and I hope you write many more to your lovely Dad, keep them together and pass them onto your siblings and children.
    Congrats. on the job offer, sorry I couldn’t speak on the phone the other day – you were engaged for ages, then our life caught up with me and that dear felinegroovy was that.

    Tell me when you can tell me what you haven’t been able to tell me.


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