Posted by: felinegroovy | March 22, 2007

TC’s Gift

TC didn’t know what he gave me that morning. All of us still drunk, slapping at fleas coming up from in between the floorboards. He got it out of a tin. I held out my hand to get this treasure his fist was closed around. All of a sudden. He opened his hand and dropped it into mine. At first I smiled and toyed with it. Not even realising.

I got home later that morning. Mark, my brother was sick, a tonsillitis fever raging – and it was him who reminded me.

Of sitting outside Aunty Marg’s house on a hot lazy day. My legs banging against the concrete verhanda wall. Ta da thump Ta da thump Ta da thump. Slowly lifting them, then letting them fall …. ta da thump … til the rubber backs of the sandals bounced them back out again.

The adults were inside, doing inside adult things. The big kids were out the front, on the driveway skateboarding. Soon I’d go around and see if I could have a turn.

Plop…plop. My feet hit the bricks. The sprinkler whirled slowly, a miniature tractor with four aluminium pipes that turn around spurting water, and all the while, moving along the hose across the lawn. It was only going very slowly today though. It was one of those slow days, even the flies lazily fly into your eyes, giving you enough time to slowly bring your hand up, and squash them against the bridge of your nose. And then flop your hand back down again.

I was watching the sprinkler hypnotised. Its gentle whirring sound, like the world on its axis. Thats when I saw it.

Cautiously it jumped between the four spurts of water. Right out on the edge, where the drops fall most softly. She didn’t talk to me like anyone else had ever done before. Deep eyes and laughter sprinkling across her face. I stopped bumping and lifted my feet up to my body and held my knees. From there I watched her skip in and out of the water sometimes disappearing behind the sprinkler. (I supposed)





  1. You were on some strong stuff back when you were about 13… 🙂 CB

  2. Well picked up, my math fails me again – it must have been more like 1986…. when i was 13 i thought the world was going to end in a nuclear war … mix that in with some crazy hormone action – that was strong stuff indeed

    • TYVM you’ve solved all my prelboms

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