Posted by: felinegroovy | March 25, 2007

Real CV

Just finished last post and it got me thinking … back to Jerramungup days and then woosh up to now and where I’m at applying for jobs, sending in CV’s. Here’s some job experiences that just won’t make it on my CV.

1970 something

In charge of feeding chooks. Duties included mixing pollard and battling the ugly rooster.


Supervisor, party gal at Disability place down the road from school. Duties included attending discos with people with disabilities. Has provided me with excellent skills in talking in loud environments (such as parties and nightclubs) particularly in area of vague responses to people who make little logical sense.

Truck and tractor driver. Duties included: working in a team with volatile brother Stu. Driving out to harvester to collect grain, drive back to farm base. Auger grain into silo. Try not to jack knife trailer when driving tractor. Try not to stall landrover on hills, try not to freak when the mouse runs between your feet in the landrover.

General farm hand during bad drought year. Duties included: trying to stand dying sheep up long enough for them to walk for just a second to appease my sense of saving the world and being a general optimist. Spreading grain from the back of the landy.

As above: Moving bags of grain from the shed, loading them onto the back of the Landy.

As above: finding and killing mice in the shed.

As above: sucking up to Aunty Ruth and Uncle Carl so that I could score fresh strawberries.

Late ’80’s

Perth Lapidiary Centre. Duties included: Selling opals, gemstones to Americans and Japanese. Packing bags of grit used for tumbling gemstones in the back room while keeping my white denim skirt clean of the black iron dust. Making jewellery. Mastering art of using araldite without sticking my fingers together.

Aquarium Place. Duties included: Fishing and flushing dead fish from tanks. Feeding survivors. Selling and upselling tanks to people who only wanted a goldfish in a glass bowl.

Green Keeper. Duties included: Mowing surrounds and tees at an exclusive golf course.



  1. Your posts are very nice. Just a thought, why not try some dancing. It keeps your body well shaped and you also become happy, and it is a meditation too.

  2. I love to dance, why didn’t I think of that? I do like the meditation aspect of it too … last dance i had was with some girlfriends at the Yanchep Inn where they play corny old music and everyone loves it!

  3. Aaah yes, the Honorable CV.

    Rekindled many fond and fabulous memories of our shared journey. Remember those late 80’s jobs well – as if they were my own…tee hee 🙂

    Yes, have been captured by felinegrooviness…once I started reading I just couldn’t stop…

    Patticus Ratticus xxooxxxooo

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