Posted by: felinegroovy | March 25, 2007

(What Do I Do to Keep Fit Meme)

What Do I Do to Keep Fit Meme

Playing cyber chasey, got caught by Nigel

I’m after you now Lady Sultana.

Well Nigel caught one of the girls on his small but perfectly formed list on a good day! I’ve just got back from taking the dog for a swim down at South Beach (Little Dog Beach).

I’m a regular netball player (Tuesday night competition), just started yoga and now a sometimes swimmer. Wish I could say more but that’s about it, can I count chasing my 13 year old glam gal around Melbourne shops recently? I reckon that was a marathon!

Last week I swam one length of the beach because I missed yoga. Today I swam the length , walked back, counting my steps so I could figure out roughly how long it is. I counted 400 steps, so I’m reckoning on 200 metres. I then jumped back in and swam another half a length – so that’s about 300 metres of (leisurely) swimming. I’m training my dog, who is a mongrel with a fair amount of working dog breeds in her (kelpie, blue heeler, border collie etc) to not try to round me up like a sheep while I’m swimming! She gets particularly upset when I do backstroke and I need to discourage her from thinking I am a pontoon. I learnt to swim in the cold ocean in the South West of Western Australia (so salty you’d emerge white from the salt and freezing cold from the icebergs floating up from the South Pole but beautiful clear turquoise water and sand so fine it squeaks) – the downside of learning to swim in the ocean is that you (wait – I) never really mastered the technique of overarm like perhaps you might had you learnt in a pool. Leisurely breastroke it is then.

I’ve been to yoga 3 times now and I love i! So much that I raved about it to someone at work and as a result we look like getting an instructor in once a week for a session. After the first session I felt about an inch taller, I’m not being metaphorical here, I really did feel physically taller. It made my computer shoulders (you know the pang in the shoulder blade after too long in front of the PC) feel sinuous and flexible again. When I crossed the road, looking backward for cars my neck just turned, no effort, no pain, fluid. Ahhhh.

Netball. Bitchball. I grew up with netball, Mum started throwing a ball at me when I was very young and quite uncoordinated. When I was in highschool, I’d come home to the farm for holidays and fill in for Mum’s team, playing with brilliantly talented women like Gray sisters.

I left highschool and recreated in entirely different ways! About 3 years ago I got involved in a Tuesday night netball competition. My daughter wonders why I have to take it so seriously -it’s only Tuesday night netball. I like fighting for the ball, I like winning which has been harder lately – summer time means the young fit girls from the winter competition join Tuesday nights and that makes us oldies run run run. When I play goalie, I sing John Denver’s “Take Me Home Country Roads” to centre myself, I know exactly how many lines I can sing before my 3 seconds are up – that is as long as you can hold the ball before passing it in netball.

Perhaps our most famous netballer is Shaz of Kath and Kim fame – could only find reference in bloopers on youtube.



  1. Yeah you take it so seriously you won’t let numptyheads like me play! Even though YOU KNOW I need to get fit!!



  2. I am seriously impressed! I love feeling physically exhausted but mentally alert. But I sure have that pain in the shoulder blades and can’t shift it whatever I do.

    See my last blog about what happens in London when you are quietly running on your own minding your own business!

    See you in Perth in June

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