Posted by: felinegroovy | March 30, 2007

Pearl S Buck – The Good Earth

Ripper of a book, ripper of a meeting last night at Julia’s.

Things I loved about last night:

1. loud conversations splitting off into little groups then back to the big group

2. red wine

3. picking Lyn up and she was firing on all fours telling me off good and proper for turning the wrong way to get to Julia’s

4. finding Julia’s place by intuition alone (oh ok and Lyn’s sense of direction)

5. argy bargy conversation

6. the need for glass tapping to bring everyone back to talk as one group about the book

7. the fact that we could swing the conversation from a book written in the ’30’s by a woman born of missionaries about pre-revoloutionary China to Paris Hilton, group sex and light bulbs used as sex toys.

8. our articulate special guest who even after hours of conversation about the book that slipped in and out of literary and non literary references brought us all back to focus and frankly I think she summed the book up beautifully when she compared the pretentiousness of a book about the meaning of life to The Good Earth which didn’t have that wanky meaning of life focus but still told it beautifully.

9. Julia’s retro dishes, glasses and really really yummy hummous that I’m sharing second hand with my work mates today….mmmm garlic in the workplace – a new sort of corporate terrorism?

10. Julia’s sister’s Valiant


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