Posted by: felinegroovy | April 3, 2007

The Dissident

“It is possible to distinguish three types of dissident today. First there is the rebel who attacks political power …Secondly there is the psychoanalyst ….Thirdly, there is the writer who experiments with the limits of identity, producing texts where the law does not exist outside language. A playful language therefore gives rise to a law that is overturned, violated and pluralized, a law upheld only to allow a polyvalent, polylogical sense of play that sets the being of the law ablaze in a peaceful, relaxing void. As for desire, it is stripped down to its basic structure: rhythm, the conjunction of body and music, which is precisely what is put into play when the linguistic I takes hold of this law.” (Kristeva, J, The Kristeva Reader, Blackwell Publishers, Ed, Moi, T. 1986)

Is Kristeva describing bloggers here?



  1. Not sure… I got lost after polyvalent??? What the hell does that mean??!!

  2. Polyvalent: Acting against or interacting with more than one kind of antigen, antibody, toxin, or microorganism…

    How can you have only and polyvalent (not to mention polylogical) in the same sentence?

    One thinks Kristeva is being a little polytentious here…

  3. yeah i know its a bit wtf but … what she’s talking about is when language is used to stretch meanings and expectations, i THINK! it also talks about (and this is a bit explained in paragraphs before this excerpt) the need to return the individual to take hold of their own narratives …ok i might be stretching it here.

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