Posted by: felinegroovy | April 10, 2007

Dream Comfort Memory

Neil Young’s Helpless goes like this:

There is a town in north Ontario,
With dream comfort memory to spare,
And in my mind
I still need a place to go,
All my changes were there.

I was a bit scared to blog on my holiday to Bremer because it means talking about my place to go. It’s a precious place to me but after all its not as fragile as I think it might be. Bremer Bay is a tough old bugger, every time I go back there it has stayed there for me – despite the changes that have happened there. My feet still get dirty and black from the campground, my fingernails are lined with black grit, above me the sky changes suddenly from bright blue and sun warms you through to looming black clouds rushing in from Antartica. Time slips back into rhythm with me instead of me chasing minutes, hours and days. I feel like I fall back into me.

I guess Mum and Dad started taking me there before I was even born and I stopped going when I was about 16. Bremer has seen me walk, talk, learn how to light a fire, pick bones from herring, go through adolescence, pash on with a boy, drink too much too young, make candle laterns with the annual christians, walk in the dark, talk quietly enough so that you can’t hear through a tent wall, walk without feeling distance, 4WD along the beach, see my first washed up whale, catch my first fish, pitch a tent, learn how to swim, learn how to body surf and boogy board, become frightened of boating, clean my face, hands and feet with only a flannel and an inch of water, learn how to scramle over rocks, learn what an ocean rip is, appreciate perennial friendships …….

We arrived on Thursday afternoon after a 6 hour drive down there – that included taking the shortcut through Borden! But also included 1 lunch stop, 2 toilet stops (why can’t my kids go on the side of the road???), a fuel stop and slowing down to check the weird noise the mattresses tied to the top of the car were making after passing the bloody big truck!

A highlight of the drive down was seeing a “caution mallee fowls on road” type of sign. Must be the only one in the world – well one of a few I’d imagine seeing as they are isolated to that area. That was on the Borden Road. Apparently there’s a property along the same road with a water hole that was always wet – it only flowed at nightime or something?? We cross the Pallinup that had a bit of water in it – unlike everywhere else which looked dry dry dry.

Trip home was shorter, well quicker at least. I drove and maintained calm most of the way, had a short burst of road rage when I was able to overtake the car I’d been following for hours on an overtaking lane – passed me on the same overtaking lane!!

Check out the flickr snaps the little goats took on the way home – photos from the car window. They certainly do not do justice to the stunning coast line that we experienced down there.

I christened the swimming at Short Beach. I remember Short Beach as the one with the old corrugated iron fishing shack at the end, that’s gone now. As a kid I had a hundred stories about that beach and it was great to hear my youngest little goat express the same sort of curiosity about the replacement shack which is pretty shabby but still romantic looking nestled into the hillside. There’s a few houses scattered through the bush on the way out there now, some fancy – others prefabricated kit houses. Mum.Eva and I threw ourselves into the icy ocean, big waves returning back on themsleves creating a backwash and knocking out our feet from under us.

We spent a day surfing and body boarding at Blossom Beach. The sign into Blossom said we needed 4WD and fortunately step dad had lent me his 4WD and showed me how to engage it – very flash these days there’s a little button to lock the hubs – you don’t even have to get out of the car! So … I switch to four wheel drive and find that it’s only if you want to drive on the beach and by then I’d lost all my courage and just parked in the car park and walked the whole 10 metres to the beach! I couldn’t figure out how to get it out of four wheel drive, we had to pull over and we pressed this button, pulled that lever – turned out I figured it out but I did feel like a teenager in Dad’s car all the way home still!



  1. Re the mallee fowl signs we saw some as we headed from Bullfinch to Mukinbudin… in fact on one sign they warned of mallee fowl AND echidnas! Cool huh?! CB

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