Posted by: felinegroovy | April 17, 2007

modern communication

I’ve left my job and now don’t have a mobile phone.  My 14 year old billy lid kindly gave me her friend’s old mobile.  The mobile is an essential componenet of my parental supervision arrangements so I went and bought a sim card and some credit in time for fairbridge festival, you know so we could text “where are you?” “where are you now?” “when are we meeting up?” “no! come meet me now!” BUT Telstra’s credit registration line has been down since last Thursday! Do you think I can charge them a late fee? Or should I just go buy a fancy phone with a plan and be done with it?



  1. Depends… surely your new job will provide one? Maybe??

  2. yeah somehow i’m thinking not! i want one with a camera so i can take pics and load them up here!

  3. Maybe wait til the Nokia N95 comes out – although it is pricey. 5mp camera.

  4. beter than our digital brownies! yeah no hurry … loving the motorloa basic clam phone anyway! and telstra gave me an extra $15 credit woohoo

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