Posted by: felinegroovy | April 25, 2007

Out of Words

Weirdest thing is happening to me, I seem to be all out of words. And yet the keys tapping along now are leaving a stream of letters making words making sentences so … here goes …

my first few days at my new job…. have been broken by ANZAC Day … a wet miserable day. I think I’m going to like my new job there seem to be some good people working in the team I’m in. I like my new boss. When I arrived on Monday morning I got the grand tour and a really gentle introduction to the place. There seems to be a fair bit to get up to speed with quickly – the job’s been vacant since February so there’s a bit of a back log.

A woman I work with has a 6month old baby! She came back to work when the baby was 3 months old! I can’t imagine that. She expresses milk for the baby who is looked after by her grandies. I couldn’t get motivated to express, I always felt like a cow when I tried to express, just couldn’t get it happening, was just easier to fill the babies up from the breast and be back in time for the next feed. I guess I had a luxurious mothering time being with them full time til the youngest was 3.



  1. Hi new girl, glad to hear the desk feels fine. I miss you – need your new email and mobile nos. to give you discrete calls as I am thinking of you all the time. How is life? Have you dived into the deep yet? Should I call you at home? Sounds like we are having an affair hey!! Mutual friend Jamie wants to send you kisses too XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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