Posted by: felinegroovy | April 26, 2007

Carbon Neutral

Quick blog amidst readingcircle meeting number ??? Well four years and how many meetings?? secretary answer this one please?

One could arrgue that our reading circle group produces more gas and wind than any car driving to work every day. Are we carbon neutral? Or do we produce an incredible amount of bullshit along with our massive consumption patterns (of wine – and champagne tonight in honour of Venice and our book City of Falling Angels!) Our host tonight has excelled herself in resources … piccies of Venice and the ever so good looking Ezra Pound and the author of a book on Venice who looks a little like the Virgin guy hmmm mmm. Glasses being hammered now for attention please! Best log off before I’m expelled for lack of attention!



  1. Couldn’t we blog the whole thing and avoid emmissions altogether? Or perhaps the whole purpose of the reading circle is to enjoy each others emmissions in person. An amazing bunch of people that never cease to amaze me.

  2. So you mention Angels and Venice and I’m transported to Miss Garnet’s Angel by Salley Vickers which I loved.

    I also loved Venice. It’s such a cliche and you hate being sucked into the whole tourist thing but it’s just so good!

    Yes, even the wildly overpriced gondola ride.


  3. Gulp… I got in trouble I didn’t actually read the book – just went to the meeting for the red wine and fab company!! But we did stand on the verhanda and talk about Venice and it does sound amazing – we ended up comparing it to Rotoo with Canals??
    V was disappointed this book didn’t depict the romaticism of Venice …
    my choice coming up soon – remember R reccomended a risque book garunteed to get people talking and shuffling in their seats – can you find out what it was?

  4. Hello???

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