Posted by: felinegroovy | July 19, 2007

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Apparently my posts in recent times have been dead ends – ones that you can’t possibly comment on. I’ll let you in on a not so secret secret…. that’s because I’ve been holding back. I’ve been on the big roller coaster ride of life and have found words and telling little stories a bit inadequate, so much paler than the real thing of living that I’ve struggled to think of anything to write.

For the past couple of nights my biggest billy goat and I have been watching Lord of the Rings – we’re a bit out of order but that’s because he has been watching them during the day, then I come home from work and I have to catch up. I tell him with all authority and arrogance, “oh yes I’ve read the books I can catch up!”. But I couldn’t!! I’d forgotton who was who and why and what.  Oh well, I’ve loved watching it again and forgotton how much I like to read fantasy – it’s the allegories and prompts that make you think about the way our real world works that I like.

I’m still holding back, but watch for next post, maybe I’ll break my silence then!



  1. Hey babe – remind me to lend you the Robin Hobb books I have… some interesting allegories there too.

    CB xx

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