Posted by: felinegroovy | July 26, 2007

How How Lucky?

“Luck is not chance-
It’s Toil-
Fortune’s expensive smile
Is earned – ”

-Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

On luck … for a couple of years we would spend days at our “holiday house” in Claremont with the Rogerz.  We’d drive across the river from our suburban house in Mt Pleasant to the holiday house ready for a day at Cottlesloe Beach.  The Rogerz girls, Bill, Cath, our gang including 2 billy lids would climb into Bill’s van and drive to the beach.  When we got closer to the beach the girls would stop their singing to the Top 40 playing on the radio and Bill would start the chant:

Bill: “How how lucky?”

Rest of Us: “Very very lucky”

Bill: (louder) “How how lucky?”

Rest of Us: “Very very lucky”

We’d chant til we found a car partk that was close to the beach, it usually worked.

When we’d finished at the beach we’d stop by and get a hot cooked chook,  some Vietamese buns and go back to the holiday house to have chicken rolls. The rest of the afternoon would be spent lying around on mattresses on their lounge room floor watching videos, sitting at the kitchen table drawing or doing crosswords.

Sunny days when we felt lucky.

Overwhelming I feel lucky in my life. Maybe I make my life lucky, maybe not. Either way when I do stop and think I”m lucky it’s like getting a present, a gift, it always feels like a little suprise.  And the times I stop to feel lucky can be vastly different, perhaps I got away with parking in a free 15 minute zone while I did my shopping for an hour or so, perhaps its when my kids open their hearts and share their secrets with me, perhaps its when I take a breath and realise the love and support I have in my life.


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