Posted by: felinegroovy | July 27, 2007

This Time 14 Years ago

I was driving from Rosa Brook into Margaret River in the Camira, my suitcase packed all ready to have a baby. Pete and I discussed names on the way in. We decided on a name. The inspiration was a British historical series about a tailor that we liked to watch. Two years before we even considered Deza as name after a character from East Enders! Thanks Goodness Billy Lid 1 was a boy!

The name we decided on for BillyLid 2 suits her to a tee, elegant, beautiful and strong. It also has some nice links, those in the know will appreciate this link:

We arrived at the hospital and I got all hooked up for the induction. I was 10 days late in having the baby so that’s why I was booked in for the induction. It was quite surreal driving in to town to have a baby. At that time the big dam on Rosa Brook Road was under construction I think. I do remember clearly the beautiful winter wet green forest on the way in.

I’d had a privelaged pregancy. Worked til I was 6 months pregnant then got too tired and retired. I was cleaning a big house just out of town. I would go to “Clay Play” days with a bunch of women every Tuesday for a gossip and some creative playing.

Arriving at the hospital I went pretty well straight into the labour room where they broke my waters to try to avoid having to put me on syntocin (the synthetic stuff that makes your body go into labour). I walked around with all that grinding pressure for a few hours. Walking helps to bring on labour (as does sex and alcohol – which I tried believe me!) . I got a craving for a toasted vegemite sandwich wrapped in cellaphane like they used to make at the service station in Jerramungup. We walked over to town and the sandwich wasn’t wrapped in cellaphane but tasted just the same as I remember!

Breaking the waters didn’t really help, neither did walking, neither did the vegemite toasty. Eventually they hooked me up to the magic machine, pumped syntocin into me and started the labour. I had the most beautiful midwife, so good I expelled everyone from the labour room – all I wanted was some quiet so I could get on and do this thing. Everyone was allowed back in when things started hotting up. I remember like it was yesterday sitting on the birthing stool and looking down between my legs thinking I’ll just push one more time and she’ll come out and I’ll grab her with my own hands and I’ll be able to hold her. My doctor wouldn’t let me do this. When she came out the doctor reached across and grabbed her. Between her, my baby and me was the cord.


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