Posted by: felinegroovy | August 22, 2007


just had slice of b’day cake – thanks jim! thanks also to paul for writing a song for me! pity i missed his concert and the dedication he made for me…. thanks to billy2 for breakfast in bed….thanks billy1 for being the pillar and the good guy so much….thanks billies 1 & @ for the beautiful poem….thanks mum and ian for the most support in the world and the fancy pants cutlery set – i will have to learn how to use a dessert fork now! thanks a for the message while i was still warm in bed….thanks j for the call when i was at work and wondering why i was there on this day! thanks darling darling for endearing and beautiful friendship….thanks suebee for offering to get takeaways so i don’t have to make food tonight….



  1. Happy Birthday you old thing!
    Find some time for me and the pregnant one tomorrow will ya?

  2. thnx cella and preggy for not wanting to share me 🙂


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