Posted by: felinegroovy | August 30, 2007

Western Powerless

Dear Mr Logan

I am contacting you as the Minister for Energy, I apologise upfront for bothering you with my small individual problem and I’m sure there are a lot of people a lot worse off than me. I am just feeling very frustrated and am wondering about what’s happening in our State where a person can be without power for more than 2 days.

Here’s the series of events:

1. Power goes out Sunday night

2. Power still out Monday morning – I call Western Power whose phone message tells me they are experiencing outages in my area. I think it best not to concern them – obviously they are aware of the issue and are dealing with it.

3. I return home from work that evening – my power is still out. I talk to a customer service operator who tells me someone will be there within 2 hours. I ring again 1 hour later, the (different) customer service operator indicates that in her opinion its probably something wrong with my meter box and there’s not much point in Western Power coming.

4. Later – thankfully, a Western Power contractor arrives (by this time it is dark and I’ve arranged to stay elsewhere as all my appliances – stove, toaster, kettle etc are electric). He restores power to the house by fixing fuses on the Western Power line. I go and stay somewhere else for the night as I’d prearranged that.

5. I return home on Tuesday morning – my power is out again. I ring Western Power who send another contractor to check it. I leave my phone number and details with Western Power. I return home from work at 6pm to find my power has been disconnected because there is a fault on “my side”. Noone has informed me of this – just a card in the meter box for me to find at 6pm.I call an electrician hoping for an out of hours service – none available.

6. I arrange to have dinner out – I cannot cook at home and the food in my fridge is all spoiled. I return home and wake the next morning – no breakfasting at home. More expense for me.

7. I call an electrician on Wednesday morning – and arrange to have the problem rectified. The problem is fixed and my Mum calls Western Power to ensure that power will be reconnected, they give her an estimated time of “early afternoon”. My ex-partner drops the kids off – they are staying at my house tonight and rings wondering if he should keep the kids at his house again as there is no power. I call Western Power who tell me that they shouldn’t have originally said “early afternoon” because they couldn’t promise that.

8. Power restored 1.30 am Wednesday.



  1. Bloody hell. What a nightmare! Can you get compensation? Don’t WP have a if power’s not restored in four hours they pay?

    Make sure you send that letter!

    CB xx

  2. i dont know, now dont have energy (pardon the pun!) to chase that up. just glad to have had a cup of tea this morning

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