Posted by: felinegroovy | September 12, 2007

Fleagle was my favourite

ABC’s dig radio led me to this link of cool album covers ….


Tra la la, la la la la

One banana, two banana, three banana, four
Four bananas make a bunch and so do many more.
Over hill and highway the banana buggies go
Coming on to bring you the Banana Splits Show

Tra la la, la la la la………

Four banana, three banana, two bananas, one
All bananas playing in the bright warm sun,
Flipping like a pancake, popping like a cork,
Fleagle, Bingo, Drooper and not forgetting Snork


  1. I like willy wagtails

  2. How would you make a movie themed DESIRE with the Bob Dylan soundtrack?

    START Hurricane, Isis, Mozambique

    MIDDLE One More cup of Coffee, Oh Sister, Joey

    END. Romance in Durango, Black Diamond Bay, Sara.

    Of course by themselves they are self supporting stories and perhaps their really isn’t a logical link apart from the fact they have been thrown together as an Album.

  3. We must be a similar vintage….I looooooooved the banana splits……ahhh the memories 🙂

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