Posted by: felinegroovy | September 24, 2007

anais nin – little birds

little birds is a little collection of erotic stories by anais nin. i didn’t think this book would generate much discussion but surprisingly it did.  maybe we all like a chance to tell stories about past loves and lovely escapades.  the riding whip helped generate a bit of sexual fervour and so did the red wine.  a little slapping goes a long way to ensuring that those quiet members of the club get a go at speaking! not much of a critique here, maybe other circlers can add a comment or two?  would i recommend it? probably one or two of the stories – for a quiet bedtime read.



  1. I can’t find any erotic stories!!!!

  2. sorry … 3 excuses:
    one, i’ve been slack and not typed in the story
    two, billy lids have colonised the computer and i never get to have a turn
    three, little concerned the story will bring down the tone of my blog … for civilized people the reading circle gang can be soooo degenerate at times!

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