Posted by: felinegroovy | October 15, 2007

All Done – Learn Stretch Grow

I’ve been flat stick these last months organising a 2 day conference for the organisation I work for.  It’s all done. There were no major disasters which is a relief!

People seemed to have fun and said they liked the different kinds of things on offer, like yoga, nutrition information, a walk along the river, massage.  Also on offer were staff presenting on what they’ve been doing, people said they liked this – the opportunity to hear about what happens across the organisation too.

I went to a couple of great sessions, one was run by the Spontaneous Insanity mob.  They ran a workshop using improv theatre – it was good to see the people in the session having fun and loosening up.

The other session I went to was on Sustainability, I was completely impressed by the amazing ability of the presenter to take people on a learning journey that really seemed to ask them to come at the information as whole people – not just students in a class room. So instead of just imparting knowledge to a bunch of people sitting in seats, he seemed to be able to engage with people and allow them to chose to take information and play with it, to see how it fits with their view points. One of  the ways he did this was to tell stories …. it got me thinking again about the relationship between community and learning – the social learning agenda.  True learning maybe.


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