Posted by: felinegroovy | October 29, 2007

Verge Surfing

Why do we need Ikea when we have Roadside throw out?

I moved fairly recently into a new house and was blessed with all the suburbs around me doing their household goods throw out – where the residents can purge their sheds and houses of unwanted goods and leave it on the curb for the Council to collect.

I scored a ’50’s or 60’s bed that I’m using as a couch – neato! good for lying on to watch tele or read a book, covered with cushions it works a treat and looks ok too! My beautiful billy lid 2 had a party coming up for 30 of her 14 year old friends (thats another story!) and we did a quick drive around and scored some groovy old kitchen chairs, some daggy plastic ones and some deck chairs too! Perfect.

While driving around I saw heaps of Ikea lounges – all broken!

Verge surfing rules …. these needed to be discussed when driving around with other verge collectors – who gets dibs on the good stuff? The one who spotted it first? The one who’s house it would look best in?

Verge surfing champions – it becomes a bit competitive – who got what. Here’s some beauties – a cool little brazier for an open fire on cool evenings; a pool table with just a tiny rip in the cover; an old old steel banana lounge on wheels.


  1. We need Ikea so we have something to throw out!

    Seriously I don’t buy any furniture from there any more.

    a) I’m sick of assembling it
    b) It falls apart

    But I do like their simple high chairs. Cheap, practical, good.

    CB xx

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