Posted by: felinegroovy | November 1, 2007

Ning Nong It’s National Blog Posting Month!

I’ve joined up! To NaBloPoMo where they’ve put the challenge out to blog every day in November.

I’ve started growing a single black hair on my chin, but don’t reckon it would get me far in the other big November event, “movember” – so this is my mission for November!

I thought I’d go with their suggestion of taking up a theme for a month. I’ve recently moved into a new house, so I that will be my theme…. (until I get bored!)

I bought the house in half an hour, the two kids and I had been on a house browsing mission. It was winter, we were all wearing scarves. The Scarf Family looks for a house in winter ….

Half an hour later after the inspection, driving to Granmars house we decided this was it – this house would suit us. I did the deal at the Real Estate agency with my Mum and Stepdad in tow, had to allow for a long settlements so spent a few months dossing here and there waiting til I could move in. All this time, I think allowed for my imagination to transfer my old ’70’s salmon brick and tile to turn into a palace recently featured in “House & Garden.”

What a shock it was when I did the final inspection in readiness to move in. I was devastated! “What have I done!?? This place is a dump! I didn’t realise there were undercoat pink coloured doors and window frames everywhere! I didn’t see the holes in the ceilings!” The Real Estate agent was almost electrocuted from a faulty light, Mum got antsy with the Real Estate agent, asking a billion questions, demanding a trillion answers.

We moved in and many of my fears were allayed. A giant bunch of flowers was delivered, what furniture I had was moved in. It felt like my house. Ah what a relief.

But, that was months ago now ….

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