Posted by: felinegroovy | November 9, 2007

Post feminism – Scrolling through journals – wolf whistles

So you can see, I’ve dredged up my old journals.  Had to laugh, I left a comment at Justaposition’s site – post was about the good ol Aussie building site, but it got me thinking about wolf whistles, anyway go there to see the comment I made! And NOW I find this journal I had going when I was doing my degree at uni, here’s what I wrote:

“It is dangerous, foolish and politically unsound to claim that we are now in a post feminist stage. We are not”.

Oops, and wolf whistles are BAD!!

 (BTW I go on to write about the “master discourse”; I think I was on the right track, talking about feminisim becoming mainstream and engulfed in the “master discourse” therefore losing power, becoming submerged.


  1. Wolf whistle… is that something related to a tin whistle? :):):)

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