Posted by: felinegroovy | November 9, 2007


so i’ve given up on the theme thing of writing about my house BORING!!

much rather swirl and toggle around writing whatever I feel like writing.

OK …. bit of a secret, today is DAY 2 of NO SMOKING.

I had my first blat at feeling O-L-D and decrepit yesterday after visiting a periodontist. smoking has wrecked my gums and maybe my teeth will fall out – make that probably. oh i feel so stupid!

Why is it a secret? I don’t know, it’s easier to give up if you haven’t got people asking you all the time how you’re feeling? Or maybe its a subversive way of being able to take it up again without people knowing you ever tried giving up??

If you’ve read this blog from the start, you might remember I got to 8 days (I think??) of not smoking, then not sure what happened?

Well this time it’s got to last forever, the alternative is looking like a gummy bear – but not so cute!

I’ve been trying trying to cut an optimistic slant on it – but it’s so hard, I’m really a bit miserable about it all.  The most obvious positive slant is – at least the disease isn’t cancer.



  1. I’m quietly, wishing you all the best.
    It’s a good thing.

  2. thnx …xx
    fell over and had one yesterday afternoon, then had a shower and brushed my teeth to get rid of the smell.

    got 3 in a packet in my top cupboard.

    today is hard i feel like my head is all over the place …. feeling VERY erratic

    off to the shops to buy a new frock for the wedding

    my kids and my teeth will be soooo happy that i’ve given up

    i already feel cleaner….

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