Posted by: felinegroovy | November 9, 2007

Tree’s falling

Another journal entry from years ago ….

Woke this morning to a great ker thump. I had known they were coming and had planned evasive action. The ker thupm was quickly followed by the buzzing of a chain saw. I woke Billy Lid 1, “come on they’re cutting down the tree”. Poor kid what a way to wake up. i just wwanted to get out of there and Billy Lid 1 is my ally in times lie this. he is as upset if not more about it. i left him to get dressed. he wandered in, tears welling. his cubby had been built in htat tree.

why couldn’t the landlord see the heart and soul of the tree and the people who loved it? and the tears of that boy?



  1. And by the way… like the new banner… 🙂

  2. new banner is a pic from clancy’s pub, bill’s sax….

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