Posted by: felinegroovy | November 9, 2007


I’m going to a wedding on Saturday. The last wedding I went to was truly beautiful, such a wonderful expression of two peoples’ love for each other, it affirmed for me that sometimes a public declaration of commitment and love can be a beautiful and meaningful thing and not just a convention.  A highlight was the groom learning the traditional dance of the bride’s country, and the bride’s mother also dancing a traditional Chilean wedding dance.

Anyway, my gentleman friend, with whom I am attending is going to the be the best man at the wedding on Saturday.  And we’ve been talking about duties etc.  And, as you know, I’ve been trawling journals, I found the list I made for when I was the MC for my brother’s wedding.

Bit of background on that before the list. My brother is actually no blood relation! But I’ve known, and loved him all my life. He is my brother.  I am one girl in a family of four boys, so I’ll never get to be one of their best men! Nor will I get to be my non existent sister’s best lady.  So my beautiful brother on recognising this made me MC for his wedding, the next best thing to being a best man. Bless him!

1.) Welcome Mr and Mrs

Sit down eat

2.) toast to D&A (me)

3.) response – thank parents, beauty of bride, propose toast to b/maids (groom)

4.) Thanks on behalf of bridesmaids (best man)

5.) Toast to mothers and fathers of groom (Ray or Sandra?) Toast to mother and father of bride (Leslie?)

6.) Read faxes etc 9absent friends (Best man 1 or 2)

7.) Finish – bridal waltz

*** champagne**

then in another column I have:

take KD Lang CD, hankie, notes, pins and clips

SAT 4.30 – wedding

2.30 – at casino

2.00 – leave home

12.30 – dress kids

12.00 – lunch

10.30 – hair done

Thurs – dress rehearsal

Mon – stockings and jewellery

Sat – Kids haircuts


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