Posted by: felinegroovy | November 14, 2007

First Treatment

Right … I’m going to share the gory details of my visits to the periodontist!!

But first!! Up until yesterday I’ve been telling a story about my “morbid fear” of dentists, how frightened I am – and I get worked up at this point and start thinking and listing the good reasons why I’m scared ….my mouth is small, I have incredibly long tooth roots, I was traumatised as a child when the dentist removed my teeth, I had braces, I’ve had root canals, the x-ray was old when the dentist removed my wisdom teeth and had to perform minor surgery in the chair etc etc. Up until yesterday that is, when I decided not to be scared any more. And this is thanks to some good friends. One who explained the idea of hanging on to old stories for the sake of it, in fact for the glory you get from it. (So I have a fear of dentists and I get rewarded with pity) And another friend to whom I told my “I’ve got a phobia story” to – her response was, what are you scared of? Well that cut to the chase.

When I was 11, I was starting at a new school. I decided that I wouldn’t be shy anymore – and I wasn’t.  It was the same with the dentist, I decided I wouldn’t be scared any more – and I’m not.

Yesterday was the first of my two treatments to try to fix up my chronic gum disease. They do a really really thorough clean and scale – its called root planing.

It was fine, it even felt good to some extent! I liked that I knew that what I was doing was going to help my teeth. She really gives it a good clean too – and that made me feel mmm I don’t know, virtuous?? clean? on the road to recovery?

The assistant was really good too, what was impressive was the way the dentist and the assistant worked as a team, one with a mirror here and a sucker thing there.

Funny, the dentist STILL tried to talk to me while she had her hands in my mouth! Fortunately, I know sign language. Unfortunately she doesn’t!!

I don’t smoke anymore.  This disease has been mainly caused by smoking. If I kept smoking all my teeth might fall out. How gross is that? I feel a bit stupid (no really really stupid) for having smoked in the first place.



  1. You go girl… it’s like that book… have you read it… Feel the fear and do it anyway!

    I try to live my life by that one sentence.

    Of course it doesn’t always work…


  2. thank you for the honest nudge ..x

    but whats the book?

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