Posted by: felinegroovy | November 27, 2007

memes monthlies missing in action mundanities

I’ve dropped the ball on a daily entry for November. Missing in action shall we say? I even have a meme waiting in my drafts but I just can’t find the verve to finish it. It requires more brain power than I’ve got to spare, so I’ll continue this entry with mundanities.

A fair bit happening at work, rushing toward the end of the year. Sorting out if I’ve got a job or not – seems I will have, great news! I’ve put a deposit on the turkey.

The periodontist called today, I’m on the cancellation list so I’m getting offers of early appointments. Bring it on lets fix these teeth up!

 Mum is visiting me tomorrow, she and her partner have sold their house up here and will be doing the whole sea change thing. I will miss her. She’s a great friend and supporter.  She came and watched me play netball last week. It was great, she’s my number one fan. I asked her if she thought I was as good as the rest of the team (oh yeah insecurities galore!!) and bless her, I’m the best on court! Mind you just having her there made me lift my game. I’m normally a pretty average goalie, but they were going in left, right and centre with her in the audience.  We won netball again tonight – close competition and a good fast hard game. I even feel a bit stiff!

Billy Lid one is on holidays already!??!! I’m hassling him to get a job.  Tomorrow is his designated find a job day – or at least do some preparation (get a resume together, research potential employers) Any ideas on how to get him motivated and cracking welcomed here!

Billy Lid two is on the downhill run with school, counting out the assessments she has to do before they start writing reports at which time she can thoroughly slack off. I picked her up early from school yesterday beccause she felt she hadn’t prepared adequately for an assessment. (And I felt a little responsible because she mucked around trying on my clothes and my Mum’s offcast gems from the ’60’s and ’70’s and making her hair into a bee hive and generally playing girly stuff with me. We were so exhausted from all the fun she collapsed in bed with me… I still love having her snuggle in my bed. It’s such a rare thing – even as a little thing she preferred her own space and would rather get back into her own bed after a night time wake.)

End brackets. End entry.


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