Posted by: felinegroovy | November 27, 2007

My daughter the real estate agent

Ok, my billy lids are asking me where all these suburbs are. They are trawling the real estate section of the local paper looking for a new house for us. We’ve been here all of 4 months!? Why??



  1. i’d ask them what they thought they could do to make the place they are living at now groovy. what would inspire/interest them?
    painting their rooms in good colours. permaculture garden.

    failing that – they cld get jobs to help with a new mortgage if you moved. see what they think of that.
    ? good luck. hope they come round.

  2. oh its ok, she just wanted a pool ….and mixed up parmelia with palymyra!! she got excited by a 5 bedroom place in parmelia for only $300K but then moved onto a 5 bdrm place in bibra lake. then swung back in favour of our suburb because her friend’s mum and dad said values would increase! woah … an investment banker in the making perhaps

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