Posted by: felinegroovy | December 5, 2007

Happy but I don’t know where


Here is a picture of me. I am sitting in my backyard with my dog, Smudge. I look happy.  The table tennis table is behind me, set up in the open back yard so I imagine its summer time.   The window is also open behind me and above the table tennis table.  I like how I don’t seem to be bothered about sitting in the dirt and my hand rests comfortably in that dry crackly grass.  I am wearing a favourite shirt, I remember it now that I look at the photo, its made of cheese cloth, cool and soft on my skin.  I have a feeling my shorts might have a Haiwain print on them. I really can’t figure out where this photo was taken.  It might have been in the backyard of Coral Sea Road in Jerramungup. It wasn’t the Manse because that was a brick house.  This one is absestos.  I loved my dog Smudge, he needed a lot of care and was definately not a farm dog, he was royalty really, and was even allowed to come inside (though only in the laundry).  I practiced being a vet on him, he used to get grass seeds in his ears and between his toes, they’d get infected and I’d have to put ointment on him, soothe him, hold him close and remove them with delicate care and patience.  I do wish I knew where this photo was taken. 

This is a spiral entry because looking at this photo makes me wonder about happiness and moments of happiness that are glimpsed sometimes by a photo, a friend, a parent.  I caught myself in a moment like this photo might have captured recently. I was playing with “King Henry” the cat, he was loafing around, sretched out, prostrate across my lap, talking to me like a Burmese cat might.  After I’d spent some time patting him and stroking him, nuzzling the bit around his ear and throat and then stopped he thought it was his turn to return the favour (yes I’m sure only to get more attention) and he started to do the kitten claw thing. I was wearing a pewter medallion shaped a bit like a dog tag, and King Henry tried to remove that with his teeth, he tried the same with my buttons.  I played with a pet so long I stopped thinking about anything important and doing anything busy and played.  I imagine this might be what I’d just done when someone took that photo. 


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