Posted by: felinegroovy | December 10, 2007

disambiguation and thank you

Reformation usually means “returning to a clean start,” removing accumulated corruption and impurity. It is often used in reference to institutions, sets of practices, and people; those in favor of reformation usually believe that they are correcting errors and returning to a rightful course, such as with reformed criminals.

So I’ve probably already posted this fancy ass word but I’m going to do it again – it might raise the reading age of my blog …

I’m optimistic that I’m on the path to disambiguation …. with all the changes that have happened in my life in the last year I’ve gotta hope for that.

I found out that I’ve been hiding anger somewhere in a dark cupboard inside of me and what a glittering beautiful thing it can be if you open up the doors on it. And if you hold it in the light and turn it round and round and appreciate its form and reason; it gradually fades to something less jagged and dangerous. And thats a good thing.


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