Posted by: felinegroovy | December 17, 2007

Second Half

Had the second half of my scrape the gums clean treatment today.  I visited a friend yesterday, she has a beautiful daughter Pippy squeak- about 5 years old with white fine hair. We were having a bit of a cuddle on the couch and WAM I spotted a nit, I got it out in one hit. This was her Mum’s first experience with nits so we decided to go back to my house and do a nit treatment.  I got a yummy cooked dinner for my efforts, we all crashed out in front of the tele about 9.00 pm after watching The Wizard of Oz.

Whats this got to do with gum scraping?

Well they ended up leaving something behind so when I dropped it off today at her house Lovely Healer gave me a bottle of pills that she thought of when I mentioned I’d been to the dentist. Apparently she’d had these pills in her bag for ages. But it was just what I wanted, something positive and loving to help take away the discomfort in my mouth! She is a naturopath and when I told her about my gums ages ago she went and “looked it up” and found these pills.
It’s silica calcium for strong bones and teeth. Lovely Healer reckons it’ll start my gums regenerating! That would be good – though the periodontist doesn’t reckon that’s gunna happen.  Nevertheless I”m gunna give it a whirl.


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