Posted by: felinegroovy | February 4, 2008

Babies Growing Up

Baby hands grip so tight, eyes so clear.

Late last night I was lying on the outside futon on my patio with my girlfriend Gen. We were reminiscing and thinking about the days when we had babies together, noticing how important we were (and still are) in each others lives.

Gen and I were each other’s support. We’d hang out together with our babies and make promises that we’d not talk about babies for a whole half an hour! Other times we’d compare notes about how we could handle this or that better. We’d admire and love each others’ babies. We had an understanding that our homes were always open to each others children and we’d monitor that pretty carefully making sure each of us got ‘away time’. We shared well! How lucky we were to have found each other!

Now these four children are still best of friends despite living 350 KM from each other. The girls write each other letters (yes real paper letters that go via ‘snail mail’! yes in this day and age teenagers write letters!!) and they visit each other every school holiday, usually taking a 4 hour bus ride to get there! The boys still have their easy friendship despite having moved through adolescence at different paces. Gen and I still have our strong friendship.

In response to Cello’s blog entry, Motherhood can be a lonely time. It can also be frightening and confusing. Often we’re sleep deprived. And Cello is right – who teaches us this stuff? Gen and I taught each other to be kind to ourselves, we shared stories and tried to figure out the best way forward.

We’ve both got two children each, four young adults now – all of them good people. I s’pose we did ok.




  1. I should have mentioned my neighbour – I might have to write part 2. She was my other saviour much like your Gen.

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