Posted by: felinegroovy | February 4, 2008

Pack up your troubles

Nigel got me thinking about packing and unpacking …here’s some random thoughts…

yesterday i packed/unpacked my desk. after a four week break away i returned to a desk full of last years’ work. i unpacked that from the various piles and put it away into its appropriate files. very satisfying and a good way to review and remember all the activities i did last year and set myself up for a new year ahead. ahh what a relief to be able to sit at a clear desk. while i’m not terribly bothered by a messy desk, a clean one gets me feeling very clear headed!

packing and unpacking as a kid …. my parents divorced when i was eight. not long after that mum gave me a little red suitcase, a soft vinyl case with buckles on the outside. as a kid i had favourite clothes and not too many of them; so packing and unpacking was pretty easy – chuck in my favourites and the rest of the time i’d be hanging about on a farm with not too many visitors and lots of dirty play.

i was a country kid so was a border in a school about 300 Km from home. as a border you packed for the term but had scheduled long weekends and possible weekends away at friends’ houses during term. i had a weekend packing regime and a term packing regime. they both required different techniques.  each summer holiday i’d start preparing for the big pack – it was important to clothes for the term, little knick knacks to make my dorm room feel like home, toiletries, my own mug for study coffees, posters, books … in short enough to make a dorm room feel like home for a term. weekend packing is easy in comparison, count the days chuck in the right number of knickers etc, the only tricky bit comes when you decide whether you will allow yourself a choice of outfit or not. Do you make a decision now on what you’ll wear? or throw in options?

buying my clothes for the term was an adventure in its own right with big shopping expeditions with my mum arguing about what classified as ‘smart casual’ and trying to be polite about the homemade dresses she crafted for me.)

grown up packing – i travelled a fair bit interstate a couple of years ago and bought myself a suitcase that was small enough to take on as cabin luggage. that was brilliant! meant i saved about 30 minutes either side by not having to wait for the baggage to be unpacked from the plane, i usually got in the front of the taxi queue.

i like to pack in order of use. i don’t like to unpack at a hotel room – i like to live out of my suitcase. i enjoy repacking and organising my suitcase.



  1. I am afraid I am the worlds worst packer..even if going away for only one night I always manage to pack enough for a week!

  2. its an art … but i guess like i said i’ve had a bit of practice!

    some would say that its better to take a bigger bag, pack more in, you never know you might need! but i liked my little compact bag and i liked being restricted by my choices, then i spent less time thinking about what i was wearing and more time enjoying myself! and you know what? its rare that i’ve thought “oh i wish i packed that!”

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