Posted by: felinegroovy | February 4, 2008

spartan camper

now after my packing entry i’m thinking about my recent camping trip – i forgot to pack my doonah! so spent a night or two in my tent under some rugs that i’d packed as spares and picnic rugs. bit too spartan!

however! i did have a fine collection of clothes for camping. my camping clothes list:

1. always pack a woolen jumper

2. enough knickers for each day + one spare

3. enough t-shirts for each day

4. tracky dax (pack 2 pairs if you’re intending fishing)

5. jeans X 1 (wet weather camping pack 2 pairs)

6. parka or wet weather jacket

7. long sleeve tshirts

8. socks

9. uggies???

10. walking shoes and thongs

11. bath towell

12. beach towell

13. flannel/ face washer

14. Toiletries I like to take liquid soap when camping and a nail brush)



  1. Great list. We don’t go camping often, but are doing so at Easter. I will use this list then. Thanks for sharing.

  2. no probs! hope i haven’t left anything too drastic off it! Bathers?? did i put bathers down?

    i was going to reply with other lists – but thought they deserved posts of their own! check them out – there’s one for your medicine kit and one for your fun kit!

  3. […] Clothes – The Basics What does one wear when camping? The only thing I would change on this list would be to transpose some of the colder climate gear for shorts, hats and bathers. But I will definitely still pack the jumper. I have been caught out before, because even though it can be very warm in the day, it can get quite cool at night this time of year. […]

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