Posted by: felinegroovy | February 10, 2008

Spartan Camper List 3 – fun kit

done the medicine kit, now for the fun kit – toys to take camping.  please note this is a combination of the fun kit and the ‘useful kit’ !

fun kit/toy kit

playing cards – 2 packs


sketch pad

lead pencils and good pen maybe a packet of textas

comic books (i like the phantom)

magazines (if you take comics you can possibly leave this off)

books – one serious, one trashy, one collection of short stories

bird identification book (hmmm, on second thoughts this is probably a useful box item!)

flower/tree identification book


pocket knife

head lamp torch (don’t do what i did and buy a silly cheap one – not worth it!! get  a good one!)

normal torch (i like my little mag light which i’ve got so it hangs around my neck)

a map of what the night sky looks like so you can figure out if that really is mars!

little net bag for collecting shells and stuff



  1. Thanks for the lists, they are great. It is small things like a little net bag and nail scissors, that I would have never thought to pack, but would make my life easier.

  2. […] Fun Kit To complete this section I would also add: – Buckets and spades – Cricket Set – Spare balls […]

    • It’s really great that people are sharing this inoiomatrfn.

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