Posted by: felinegroovy | February 10, 2008

Spartan Camper’s List 2 – Medicine box – Big Snake at Parry’s

Was going to write this as a comment in reply to ‘Planning Queen’ but figured it deserved an entry of its own …

i try to always take a medicine box camping, at times its been full of stuff but reckon i’ve got it pared down to the essentials which will cover most common camping injuries (think splinters and little cuts!):
scissors (nail scissors)
needle – no i’m not going to sew up a wound – just handy for picking out splinters 🙂
tea tree oil
paw paw cream
bandaids – i like the type you cut to size
cotton balls
packet of nappy wipes comes in handy for a quick wipe around the cut to see what you’re dealing with!

We shared our camping site with a big snake at Parry’s. It slithered down the track and through the campsite a couple of times.  That got me thinking (trying to remember!) about what the latest snake bite treatment is.  And wondering if I had everything in my medicine box to cover it – and I didn’t. So I’ll add the following items for next time:

A texta to mark on the body the site of the bite

A good size long calico bandage to cover the affected limb.

I’ve attached St John’s recommended treatment for snake bite – maybe print this out and chuck it in the medicine box.   i reckon a print out of snakes of the area would be useful too – to help identify the snake.




  1. […] Medicine Box As we are going to be in a warm climate and with little children, I would just add these items to this list: – Sunscreen – Insect Repellent – Clarantyne (antihistamine medicine – one of my children reacts badly to any insect bite, and this does the trick to stop the swelling and irritation. – Children’s Panadol – you just never know when a fever can set in. […]

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