Posted by: felinegroovy | February 20, 2008

Midsummer Night’s Dream

I posted a comment on Lady Sultana’s blog relating to a review she did of Miss Saigon and promised I’d review the show, Midsummer Night’s Dream so here it is:

I’d was keen to see Midsummer Night’s Dream as soon as I saw it in this years festival program. I saw a production of it at last years festival which was done by Korean company so was not preturbed about the idea that an non-english speaking company was going to to do Shaekspeare. In fact the opposite, I was anticipating a new and exciting way of presenting the story.

I was disappointed. I had organised the tickets as a way of celebrating Valentines Day so was a bit miffed that I didn’t enjoy it! The tickets sounded good – upper dress circle, front row. The staging, however didn’t account for these kinds of seats! We spent the night peering under or over or around to try to see the action. We constantly missed pieces of action when the performer was far left stage. The slippages between languages was an interesting concept, but didn’t work for me. I have seen the performance a couple of times and read the play but it is a complicated story and for this performance to work for me, I needed the action and story to be explained more clearly than it was. At times I was interested in the way this was being interpreted from a different cultural perspective, but this wasn’t enough to sustain my attention.

Shakespeare wrote beautiful poetry. I felt a bit ripped off that I didn’t hear more of it in this performance as the action wasn’t as stunning or exceptional as I was expecting.

On the plus the bamboo set was cool, and it was used to good effect – from the creation of texture on the stage to the use of it as a “jungle gym” for actors.

There were also a couple of fantastically charismatic performances. Bottom was brilliant.


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