Posted by: felinegroovy | February 29, 2008

Are boys different?

I just phoned my son who is at his Dad’s house getting ready for his ball tonight.  I was expecting to ring and – you know – have a “isn’t this exciting” kinda chat.  Are boys different? If it had been a daughter would I have got the giggly , what are you doing now? how long til the next bit of the preparation etc chat?  Maybe, probably not!

He is rating this event very very highly on his life happenings calendar. It’s apparently one of THE most important things that will happen in his life.

I’ve been complaining about the cost ($700 for a limousine!??) of things and he’s told me I shouldn’t because the girls are spending thousands on the ball.  I say let “people” spend thousands! Maybe I’ll whisk the daughter off to Bali instead of doing the whole ball rigmarole.

Still I am looking forward to seeing him all dressed up in his finery.


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