Posted by: felinegroovy | March 25, 2008

My Uncle’s Bridge

Spent a couple of days in the forest.

Some highlights –

great swarms of black cocatoos being raucous in the forest and sky above

nudie swimming in a rock pool in the river

sleeping for hours and hours

strange dreams

being amazed and also wondering at where I was and where I am

the food! roast lamb in the camp oven, laksa

rigging up a tarp to shelter from the rain (which didn’t come)

pulling a dead bull ant from the washing up water and being excited about the prospect of examining it – only to find it came to life! then my companion got bitten by one!? just proves they’re nasty and aggressive little creatures!  no paying it forward for the bull ants!

being out of phone range

the bookshop in dwellingup

the fabulously rotten coffee in dwellingup

the moon so great and big and shiny

thinking that it might wake the  bunyip




  1. Seems its the season for strange dreams. Sounds like a lovely trip you had.

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