Posted by: felinegroovy | March 28, 2008

I Hate Traffic Lights – Especially when they’re in Pinjarra on a long weekend!

We left our little spot under the banksias about midday on easter monday to drive back to the city after having spent 3 very peaceful days camping in the forest. We stopped in the nearest town for a take away coffee and to steel ourselves for the 3 hour journey home. Terrible coffees (great brioche) in hand, we cruised through the farmland, trying not to get too upset by silly drivers in a mad rush to get home. All was going swimmingly, a quick pit stop at Waroona – we were making good time.

About 45 km’s short of Pinjarra the traffic just stopped! A traffic jam in the middle of paddocks!!??  What on earth was the hold up?  There was no town for miles, certainly no city, didn’t appear to be any accidents – and no apparent reason for the jam! Driving along at 0 Km an hour we weren’t getting anywhere fast – resiliant types that we are, we tried to amuse ourselves –

-roadside archeology – counting and calling out rubbish and roadside detritus

– inventing and exploring theories on the difference in aesthetic interpretations across art forms (what the?? I know it was a weird thing that started happening when I was camping – thinking about how language and therefore writing is so functional as an ‘art tool’, visual art draws on daily references, but music has a completely different set of symbols that make up the final piece, a new language ….)

– eating food from our travelling picnic box

-singing snippets from songs

All these things to try to keep our minds off the track of how annoying the delays were. Which is where we wished we could be – off the track!! We were in a big four wheel drive so, feasibly, we could have driven along the side of the road – or opened a gate to a paddock and driven through a farm or or or or! Yep! it got frustrating going just 1km an hour with still 200 km of our trip to go. “Never ask me away on a long weekend again!” Patience was wearing thin, our pistachios were gone, the dried apricots running low, easter bunnies down to feet only …. the traffic better get moving.

“its the traffic light in Pinjarra I reckon”

“surely not??? we are miles from Pinjarra”

Out came the maps, the trusty co-pilot plotted a track home that avoided the main road. A delightful drive home, but unfortunately we couldn’t see a way around this build up. We were stuck. In traffic. All that stored camping peacefulness (wondering at beautifully coloured leaves, cool, silky river water against bare skin, sweet and cheeky red robins, smell of the campfire) was trickling away!

We finally got to Pinjarra. Yes. It was the traffic lights in Pinjarra. Could someone please either:

a) turn them off and get the mounties to direct traffic

b) adjust them to allow traffic flow

This post was inspired by a post by Euan Semple who talked about a Monty Python song- you can visit that post here

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