Posted by: felinegroovy | June 18, 2008

Lady Sultana

I met the lady outside the loos at our mutual workplace. I was new and a tincy bit frightened of all these glamourous people I was now working with. Lady Sultana was working in a (very strange) office, kind of open plan, kind of set back into a cubby.  Her desk faced the hallway RIGHT NEAR the entrance to the lady’s loos. i’d admired Lady S from afar (well from my home when I would occasionally hear her voice on the radio, I thought she sounds cool, a tech savvy lady with a sound like a real person with a real life!).

We struck up a friendship over discussions of ‘number one’s or number two’s’!

“Whatya doin this time?”

“Oh Just a one!”

Eventually we got brave enough to expand our conversations and we became buddies at work. We would eat lunch together and figure out how to thrive in the crazy place we were working!

I don’t work there now and I’m so pleased and feel so lucky to count Lady S as my friend!

Check her out in all her shininess! 1,000 posts!!



  1. Awww shucks. 🙂
    It was a very strange office.
    Nice banner btw

  2. Your toes are amazing! Thanks for dropping by, I have had no inclination to blog lately… I hope it comes back cause it used to be fun. Too much going on. I hope your roof is repaired. That would be a pain.

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