Posted by: felinegroovy | July 16, 2008

Huff and Puff

my ceiling fell down!

the poet and i were retiring for the night. he was resting his weary head on the pillow in ready repose for sleeping. as i stood looking at him i heard a noise, a creaking noise! “shh! what’s that noise?” within seconds he’d leapt to his feet, was standing on the bed, and was holding up the ceiling – Atlas style. “it’s falling in! quick get someting to hold it up! a bit of wood!” i ran around in circles, the two billy lids ran around in circles. it was 10.00 pm at night. “where are the torches? i’ll look in the shed! where are the torches?” so the mayhem continued for minutes (tens of minutes) “get something to hold it up! its getting heavy, its falling in!” eventually billy lid boy relieved the Atlas from his position o f holding up the ceiling so Atlas scurried around and collected an assortment of props to hold up my bedroom ceiling.

2 brooms

a piece of wood

2 little occassional tables one stacked on the other

some old books (3 from a set of children’s classics circa 1970) as padding to make up the shortfall in height by the 2 coffee tables stacked one on each other with the broom shoved up against the books against the ceiling!

the ceiling was stabilised.

we moved the bed to the lounge room. and went to sleep. the ceiling saga had begun.



  1. OMG!And yes sometimes I do feel as if I’m wearing something that forces my eyes to the ground.

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